Restaurant consultants for Hospitality business

Team professionals specialised in hospitality business management

Hospitality Matters

Manageat is a gastronomic consulting company formed by a professional team. We specialise in implementing and supervising the management process of the F&B departments, as well as the training of the employees involved in the said process.

Our team works as the management department that your enterprise does not have. We are the group of experts that your business needs to improve productivity.

The aim we pursue is to identify the particular necessities of your restaurant, bar, hotel, resort, or F&B area, in order to turn it into an efficient and effective business.

Operations optimisation

Process design

We work on the restaurant processes to design the best operational model
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We specialise in restaurant and F&B operations management
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Team training

We work together with the F&B departments and the restaurants to train their teams
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Information is essential

An objective analysis of your restaurant from a financial and professional point of view may be highly beneficial
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Every restaurant consulting project is unique

We keep the same enthusiasm of the very first day in all the projects we take part in. As every restaurant and every gastronomic business is unique. Therefore, we do our utmost to improve your restaurant, always maintaining passion and devotion for our work.

If you need further information about our services, or to see how we can help you, click below. You will find out some examples of the projects on which we have actively collaborated.

Nuestros proyectos de consultoría para restaurantes y negocios gastronómicos