Hospitality matters

At Manageat, we specialise in restaurant consultancy services for the hospitality industry, boasting a team of experts proficient in implementing, training, and overseeing F&B management.

We accompany gastronomic businesses, such as restaurants, bars, hotels, F&B departments, and restaurant owners, in the design of operations, openings, and in the management of their day-to-day activities, both economically and operationally.

Operational consultancy


We design and work on the restaurant operational processes to define the best operational model of the project.



We manage the pre-opening of the business, carrying out the implementation of gastronomic projects and the optimisation of restaurant operations with our on-site team.



Formamos a equipos y colaboradores en diversas áreas, sobre todo en el proceso de digitalización.



An objective analysis of your hotel or restaurant from a financial and professional point of view may be highly beneficial.

A professional team of experts in gastronomy, covering from operations to financial management

We are Blanca and David, partners and friends with experience in gastronomic business management. David owns a restaurant and Blanca has ventured into other areas related to gastronomy. For further information…

Equipo Manageat

F&B in hotels, investment funds, restaurants, each project is unique

Each client is unique, just as every individual is different. That is why our consultancy projects for restaurants, gastronomic businesses, F&B departments, or restaurant investment funds are completely personalised and tailored to their specific requirements.

Every business is unique because it has its own set of characteristics, just like lemons. And that is the reason why we approach each project with the same level of excitement and dedication, regardless of how many we have undertaken previously. Our commitment remains unwavering, and our energy levels are as high as when we first began.

If you’re interested in learning more about our services or how we can assist you, click below to discover some examples of projects in which we have actively collaborated.


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