Gastronomic consulting based on the cooperation with restaurants and hotels F&B areas to train their teams

As a gastronomic consultancy, we work on two kinds of training:

Asesoría en hostelería

It is the most technical training. We work directly with the serving staff, chefs, and cooks.

The operational approach of this training makes us focus on the experience created for the customer. To do that, we assist our clients during the learning/training process.

To put this into practice, we propose a problem related to the business unit, and we challenge the clients to solve it. This way, the whole team gets fully involved in the training process.


Training on Economic Management

Our gastronomic consultancy equally focuses on the economic aspect of the industry.
We assist and accompany our clients in the economic interpretation of their business. Our main goal is to present this analysis as simple and understandable as possible.
For this reason, we constantly keep the focus on what matters, trying to turn these essential aspects into a whole experience economy.


Asesoría en hostelería

In both types of training, we insist on interaction improvement and process optimisation.