Restaurant Operations

Design of processes

A correct design of processes is the basis of an efficient gastronomic business. That is to say, defining the right processes is the key to streamline restaurant operations by putting everything in its place. In short, a good business plan for your restaurant.


Update or die

We must always keep in mind that the market is constantly changing. That is the reason why it is essential to be updated. Summing up, a solid business plan for your restaurant is now crucial.

Diagnostic based on data, not on opinions

If we wish to obtain suitable solutions, we need to use objective data. Those data have to show us accurately the possible improvements that can be performed.

In order to design a good business plan, the first step is to work on an objective diagnostic based on specific data about the establishment.

To do it, we have Trackeat. From various corroborated data, this tool enables us to detect all those aspects working perfectly, and on the other hand, those requiring improvement.

Unprocessed data means no information

To maximise the possible improvements, we thoroughly interpret the initial audit and diagnostic. Additionally, we find solutions in order to define and perfect all the processes.

Besides, we divide the global experience into different parts, which we define as many times as necessary. In the end, we put them together again to achieve a consistent and comprehensive whole.

Some of these processes consist of: