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Distinguish your restaurant or gastronomic business

Meet us and improve the management of your restaurant with our help. We could affirm to be a multiskilled team and all those things we are used to hearing about a consulting company. But we are not going to do it.

We are Blanca and David, and we wish you to stop asking yourself how to manage your restaurant and distinguish it from the rest.

In 2016 we realised that the gastronomic sector was changing and how those changes were happening (and still are) faster and faster.

We count on broad experience after working with national and international hospitality companies, here in Spain and abroad, and with restoration and gastronomic groups.

Thanks to our work, and after having promoted our own business projects, an idea, a dream came out of our minds: providing restaurateurs with our knowledge in any gastronomic project. And helping them in a context of constant change from our fresh, modern, innovative and professional point of view.

At this point, we have a group of expert collaborators, each one specialised in a different aspect. This condition allows us to create and develop complete strategies specific to every project.

Summing up, thanks to our team you will never have to wonder again how to manage your restaurant. Manageat is here to help you.

Cómo gestionar mi restaurante
cómo gestionar mi restaurante

The lemon theory

A lemon is just a lemon

Not many things are as simple as a lemon. Nevertheless, there is no lemon identical to another. They can be similar but not the same since every lemon is unique.

What we mean is that every lemon has a different colour, a particular taste, a specific size, shape, texture, purpose.

There are yellow lemons and green lemons. What is more, they may change over time. Their taste is always citric, but there are acidic lemons and sour ones.

They smell similarly. They all smell like a lemon. But do they smell the same?

There are big lemons and smaller ones, like limes. There are round-shaped lemons and longer lemons. More and less uniform ones. Softer lemons and rougher ones. Some are used to dress meals, and others serve to aromatise certain beverages.

And this is exactly what happens with gastronomic business: they may be strongly similar, but they will never be the same.


That is the reason why in Manageat we treat every project in a personalised way. We always focus on hospitality but also on every business singularity.


This aspect is precisely what we love about our job!


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diferencia tu restaurante
diferencia tu restaurante
diferencia tu restaurante
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