Restaurant consultancy

What is a restaurant consultancy?

A restaurant consultancy is, in a general sense, a company that provides technical and professional advice. If we take the most specific and less impersonal definition of the term, a restaurant consultancy is a team of experts dedicated to helping you with your gastronomic business. As simple as that.

And that is how we prefer to describe ourselves at Manageat, as a team of professional people who clearly understand your needs and concerns as their own. Our broad experience is a guarantee of success. We know what we are talking about.


Who are consulting services addressed to?

Restaurants, bars, bistros, cafés, catering services or F&B areas of hotels or any institution with a cafeteria among its facilities. Thus, a restaurant consultancy is aimed at every F&B business searching for inspiration to start the gastronomic adventure, the improvement of their income, a deep analysis of their operations, an objective point of view, a quick renewal or instead, a significant change.
In conclusion, a gastronomic consultancy can be beneficial for your business. Regardless of whether you have just opened your first restaurant or you are already an experienced restaurateur.

What is the job of a restaurant consultancy?

The restaurant business is a complex activity, almost artisanal in some cases. Despite all, it eventually may become a routine and mechanical job. Restaurateurs’ dedication is complete. Time and efforts devoted to their business are frequently much more than those for leisure.
For this reason, a proper restaurant consultancy must focus on all the ways to provide the best support to that restaurateur. Not only giving advice and saying what is good or not for the business. The responsibility of a consultant is to become a part of the restaurant team. Also, observe the operations from within and outside and find all the possible solutions. And finally, achieve that the restaurateur regains the faith in the business that once was his dream.

How to know if I need a restaurant consultancy for my business?

There are several indicators to know if a business requires gastronomic consultant advice.
Firstly, the most obvious factor is the economic inviability and the lean spell the business may go through consequently.
Secondly, although essential too, we may find the customer displeasure, a factor taken into account only when it is too notorious. On numerous occasions, we have overlooked a dish going back to the kitchen almost full without trying to find out the reason why the client has not eaten it.
Lastly, and even though there are more quantifiable indicators, we have to underline the staff demotivation.
Therefore, if you notice any of these signs, you would better seek the help of a restaurant consultancy.

Which specific solutions can a restaurant consultancy offer to me?

Each consultancy has its own method. At Manageat, we put faith in the joining together of both technology and human value to obtain the best results. The following points are just some of the things we can do for you and your business:

  • Database management. To process and manage your database, we have Trackeat, a tool that collects data from different channels and then provides analysis of the obtained results. Data analysis results in considerably valuable information that may pass unnoticed for the restaurateur in day-to-day life.
  • Feasibility study/ Viability analysis. From an economic and financial point of view. Needless to say that one of the services that a restaurant consultancy usually provides is a viability analysis. Whether you have just begun to shape your dream or if it is already a reality -although with some difficulties-, a good consultant will prepare a customised analysis of the economic situation of your company and give you the best solutions to it.
  • Processes digitalisation. Something indispensable for any business nowadays, considering that technology is more and more present in our everyday life. A restaurant consultancy will make the necessary changes easier so that the daily processes at your business do not get disrupted.
  • Training. Another service that a restaurant consultancy provides is the training of your staff. Apart from staff qualification, a gastronomic consultant will show you the best tools and guidelines to get them fully motivated and therefore more efficient.
  • Advice on distribution and creation of spaces. It does not matter if you are opening your new gastronomic business or it needs an urgent change. Maybe you think about going for a different style, or on the other hand, you have noticed the necessity of transforming your restaurant into an energy-efficient space.
  • Product, menu and prices optimisation. Undoubtedly, one of the services and solutions that a restaurant consultant provides. The way you present your product is as essential as its preparation.
  • Creation of a best practices guide. And supervision of its compliance. Perfectly adapted to your business and the current necessities, this guide is an essential tool to improve the daily job processes and routines. Something that, eventually, will turn into effective, efficient and flawless service. Your clients will really appreciate it! 

These services are just a few of the total solutions that Manageat, our restaurant consultancy, can offer you. Wish you get further information, please click on this link.

Why should I entrust my restaurant to your consultancy?

Because we are a human team made up of professionals with broad experience and honest empathy. This circumstance allows us to fully understand the restaurateur’s needs from within, always with the objectivity of our external position.

In Manageat we get involved into your project, into your dream, as if it were ours. We observe, analyse, and offer you all the possible ways to optimise your gastronomic business. In short, we work for your success. Contact us to get a non-obligation discussion; we will be glad to assist you.

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